Boutique Béluga is a children’s clothing and accessories store catering to the 0 to 6 year old’s which opened back in 1991. Initially a clothing manufacturer for the little ones, Boutique Béluga has followed the evolution of competitive retail market by diversifying its inventory.

Today, in order to offer a wide variety of options to their well-rounded clientele, Boutique Béluga has become a notorious point-of-sale for tons of brands, including new Montreal brand, Miles baby.

Being an exclusivity in the area, Miles Baby thus makes Boutique Béluga a leader in Saguenay for children's fashion. Designs are playful, modern and effortless, letting quality shine through. Boutique Béluga has chosen each item from the brand first Fall lineup for its quality feel and ability to last. These are pieces to use everyday and then keep for generations.

Miles Baby meets all budgets while respecting and valuing a very good quality-price ratio.

Bienvenue au Saguenay, Miles Baby!


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